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Business, technology and design innovators

Contributing innovators earn startup business shares while creating specialized advice apps that empower both experts and consumers

We follow Lean Startup/Lean UX principles with Design Thinking

The Build, Measure, Learn principles of Lean Startup, and related Think, Make, Check principles of Lean UX, are the most efffective tools we have to guide the application of AI to our digital world. 

At Digie Inc., we follow Lean principles while using Design Thinking to bring the right designs to life.

Innovators earn shares in startup businesses

All the magic happens when talented people work together for a common purpose

Business and marketing

Founding member partnerships available for professionals in Lean Startup, business development, product strategy, customer experience, omni-channel digital marketing, data-driven analysis, social network campaigns and lead generation.

AI  and UI engineering

Founding member partnerships available for professionals with expertise in artificial intelligence, UI development, mobile/web technologies , database architecture, network maintenance, intelligent assistant channels, messaging and eCommerce solutions. 

UX and design

Founding member partnerships available for innovators specializing in design thinking, Lean UX, user experience, conversational AI, user research, usability testing, accessibility, interaction design, prototyping, visual design and graphic illustration.

Our challenge: create engaging digital experiences

AI is a great tool to build conversational experiences with consumers, but it takes thoughtful design to make those experiences deeply engaging while providing unquestionable value.

Leverage over 28 years of AI+UX leadership

Digie's founding partners have over 28 years of expertise building and leading talented AI, UX and engineering teams for successful startups and established enterprise businesses.

Join the innovation team

Send us a note to discuss how your interests and talents align with Digie's vision and partnership opportunities.