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Digie Enterprise Cloud

A secure private digie network for augmenting knowledge workers and applying enterprise expertise.


Augment Knowledge Workers

Improve the performance and effectiveness of knowledge workers through Augmented Intelligence with personal digital advisors ready to apply valuable enterprise expertise to each worker's unique needs. 

Empower Employees with Cognitive Assistants

With their own personal cognitive assistants, employees are empowered to proactively solve problems, find creative solutions, become an influencer, and openly share knowledge with each other.  

Retain Expertise

Pivot from static KM efforts to living knowledge when corporate expertise is captured and refined through natural conversations between authors and enterprise digies, providing fully traceable explanations.

Enterprise Benefits

Benefits of having a private Digie cloud for your Enterpise

Augmented Intelligence

Focus your AI strategy on Augmented Intelligence that supercharges the capabilities of individual knowledge workers.

Conversational Interface & Learning

Employees intuitively engage with their Digie using a conversational interface, providing an efficient and effective means of acquiring and applying expertise. 

Traceable Explanations

Since Digie uses natural Conversational Learning, it's able to provide advice and recommendations which always have traceable explanations (which ML cannot do).

Shared Enterprise Knowledge

In order to minimize the authoring effort of experts, each Enterprise Cloud has a general domain digie that holds enterprise knowledge  shared between all digies of the enterprise.

Leverage Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics AI platforms such as Watson, Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud can provide insights that are captured and intelligently applied by enterprise digies.

Get a Private Digie Network

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