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Personal AI

Digie remembers what it's told, shares only what consumers want to share with others, and collaborates with domain apps to apply expert knowledge to each consumer's unique situation.

Consumers engage Digie every day to discover what they need to know
from family, friends and trusted experts. 

Conversational AI

Digie learns about each individual consumer through natural language conversation over the messaging or communication channel they're most comfortable with, including Facebook, Slack, Skype, Siri, Alexa, Google, and more.

Automated personalization

Digie uniquely remembers each consumer, automatically learns from everything it's told, and intelligently retrieves it's knowlede when needed. 

Digie delivers personal advice from domain experts

Digie is transformed into a personal advisor by finding and delivering targeted expert advice from domain partner apps based on the consumer's interests and needs.

Personal knowledge sharing

When consumers connect with friends who also have a Digie, they can selectively share their knowledge with each other.

Every consumer has complete control over what Digie shares with their connected friends, and keeps everything else securely private.

Request a demonstration

Send us a note to request a demonstration of what Digie can do for experts and consumers in your specialized domain.