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Public Digies (Pubs)

Independent experts and businesses author and publish their digies to the public Digienet, making them available to anyone with a personal Digie.


Publish "Live" Knowledge

Digie Pubs serve as a form of live knowledge that intelligently adapts to the user's needs, providing real-time feedback to digie authors and staying current through ongoing dialogs.
Digie's Publishing Platform provides independent experts, influencers and businesses with all the tools they need to author, test, and publish digies to the public Digienet.

Create Business Guides 

Buisnesses create intelligent guides and customer experience agents that truly understand both the business domain and the customer's needs.

Author Expert Advisors 

Through natural conversations, independent experts train their digies to become expert guides and digital advisors. When users subscribe, their myDigies apply the Pub's knowledge to their unique situation.  

Expert & Business Benefits

Benefits of creating and publishing digies to the Digienet.

Leverage User's myDigie

Digienet Pubs automatically leverage the knowledge within each user's personal myDigie, enabling Pubs to stay focused on adding their unique value.

Shared Common Knowledge

All Digie Pubs share common knowledge from a General digie along with core reasoning abilities, which serve as a foundation for domain intelliegnce.

Conversational Learning

The unique domain knowledge of each Digie Pub is acquired through natural conversational learning with independent experts and business authors.

Intelligent myDigie Referrals

As users interact with their personal myDigies, they are referred to specific Digie Pubs when their digie matches the user's needs to a Pub's capabilities.

Multi-Channel Discovery

Users can discover and communicate with Digie Pubs through popular digital channels, including Facebook, Slack, Skype, Siri, Alexa, and Google.

Publish Your Expertise

Contact us to learn more about publishing your expertise as a digie on the Digienet.