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Personal advice network:
intelligent apps for advice publishing
and knowledge sharing 

powered by digital innovators of 
omni-channel conversational experiences

Engaging consumers 1:1 through personal conversations

Through the magic of Artificial Intelligence, Digie combines expert advice with personality-based engagement strategies to have meaningful conversations 24/7 that  increase retention and conversion rates.

advice publishing solution

Extracts existing advice
from CMS

Captures new advice from domain experts

Personalizes & delivers expert advice at scale

Provides feedback & guidance to advice authors

Omni-channel conversational experience

Digie personalizes your expert advice for each consumer's unique needs and interests simply by talking with them over their favorite channels, including Apple, Android, Web, Facebook, Alexa, Google Home, and more.

Monetize advice through automated delivery

Monetize expert advice when Digie proactively delivers it to highly targeted consumers, reaching the right people exactly when they need it most

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