Helping you organize, expand and share your world

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Get organized automatically

Save all the important information about your family, home, health, finance, work, travel, shopping, education, social media, and more... intelligently organized by Digie, your personal and private assistant.

Share memories, info & advice

Create and share personal achievements, family accounts, important documents, photo/memory journals, travel insights, research topics and personal advice with trusted family and friends.

Keep your data secure & private

Maintain 100% control over the privacy and sharing settings of all your information, knowing that Digie will safely secure your data and never provide it to anyone (or post it to any network) without your explicit instructions.

"It's amazing how Digie connects  everything so intuitively, while keeping me in total control of what I share with others or keep private."

"It's like a smart network for my family and friends to privately share things with each other!"

"Keeps all my important account info secure and organized, no more searching through paperwork... now even my husband can find everything using Digie!"

"So easy to use, I can browse through simple folders managed by my Digie or just ask it to bring me what I need."

"My digital helper keeps me informed about my niece's achievements, it really helps me stay more connected to my sister's family."

Your data security is our #1 priority

All your sensitive information is encrypted using military-grade AES-256 encryption and stored on protected DigitalOcean servers; even Digie employees cannot view it.

Digie uses highly secure Amazon S3 compatible object storage to save and privately deliver all your images and files.

Everything sent to and from Digie is fully SSL secured to insure privacy during transmission and protect from eavesdropping.

When accessing GPT capabilities, we employ OpenAI's API to insure that your information will never be used to train or improve GPT models.