Curated travel plans from your personal AI

Curated travel plans
from your personal AI

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Includes GPT-3.5, personalized by Digie.


Share your travel preferences

As your personal AI, Digie leverages its existing knowledge of you, your prior travel feedback, along with your newly shared destination preferences. 


Get personalized travel plans

Digie instantly curates travel plans matching your personal preferences, and helps you refine, save and share your itinerary with others.


Book online or with an advisor

Digie helps you book online or can recommend a professional travel advisor who'll handle all the details for you.

Includes GPT-3.5, personalized by Digie.
Digie combines its personal AI knowledge of you along with OpenAI's GPT 3.5 generative AI travel knowledge to create highly personalized travel plans. All your personal information is securely retained in your private Digie and never used to train generatve AI models.
Your data security is our #1 priority.

All your sensitive information is encrypted using military-grade AES-256 encryption and stored on protected DigitalOcean servers; even Digie employees cannot view it.

Digie uses highly secure Amazon S3 compatible object storage to save and privately deliver all your images and files.

Everything sent to and from Digie is fully SSL secured to insure privacy during transmission and protect from eavesdropping.

When accessing GPT capabilities, we employ OpenAI's API to insure that your information will never be used to train or improve GPT models.